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The new Repro-Scan ultrasound equipment is a breakthrough in ultrasound preg testing of cows. With the new 4.0MHz convex probe and the ‘arms free’ repro arm and training course, this unit will increase the ease and speed of preg testing, especially when compared to manually preg testing.

These units are very affordable, making it very cost effective for larger producers or groups of smaller breeders to purchase their own units and preg test their own cows at their own convenience.

Repro-Scan 200
The Repro-Scan 200 is a very robust unit designed for ‘in the yards’ use. Its rugged and easy to use features make it ideally suited for the beef producer. The 4.0MHz convex probe gives greater depth and field of view of the uterus, which enables quick and easy detection of the pregnancy. It is powered by either a 240V AC adapter of 12V DC batteries with the option of a viewing monitor or goggles.

Repro-Scan 5200
The Repro-Scan 5200 comes with multiple probe options. The 4.0MHz convex probe and the 6.5MHz linear probe, are suited for high-end bovine and equine fertility exams and specialized dairy herd examinations. The unit also has the option of either a 5.0MHz and the 3.5MHz convex probe which makes this a very suitable unit for large and small animal veterinary practices. It also comes with the viewing and powered options of the Repro-Scan 200, plus many additional features.

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